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A Message From Me. Chris Trent.

Hey, everybody! Been a while, huh? Like a few years, I guess? At least a year. Whatever. So for those of you who may be reading this that do not follow HTBA on Facebook (Which is a largely unneccessary endeavor at this point, anyway.) I am on a slight break from web comicery. That is to say, I disappeared some months (Maybe years?) back and haven't been doing them at all whatsoever. Chin up though, you fucking cry babies! I may not be doing the comic currently, but I have gotten myself involved in a Let's Play project over at YouTube. The more adventurous among you may have already clicked the link in the place where a comic should be, but to those of you who are timid (or perhaps feverishly reading this in hopes that I will announce my hand-drawn come back), you can scroll back on up the page and check out Foolish Mortals on YouTube. I even made it easy for you and set that bad boy up to link straight at our most recent Highlights compilation so you can figure out if you're interested in keeping up with our 30-40 minutes of content per day. Spoiler alert: You fuckin' DO. You DO want that. So hop on over and subscribe to that sexy mess, tell your friends, set up some dummy accounts to pump up our view count... Whatever you wanna do. I'm not your boss.

And to the handful of you who have notified me of all the weird links at the bottom of all my pages: I totes know, y'all. I don't know why those showed up, but they did so on absolutely every page on my site (even the hidden ones) and since I type out all of the totally advanced and complicated HTML on this page by hand, it will take me a lot longer than I think it is worth to go through all my content and chop that shit off. So I don't intend to. Just don't click any of that shit because Lorde knows what that'll lead you to. Drugs, probably.